Really Useful Ecommerce Reports

Squiz Reports are really useful, beautifully designed reports for businesses who
want simple, effective and actionable ecommerce reporting.

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Set up your reports and automatically receive them first thing in the morning. Read them with coffee or in bed, whatever.

metrics, metrics

You could try and build an e-commerce dashboard or you could just receive the most important metrics, in your inbox, every day.

emailed to anyone

Your reports are automatically sent to your stores admin, and whoever else you want to receive them. Additional recipients can be added for $1/m each.

day, month, year

You'll get great comparative metrics out of the box to help you grow your online store. Compare daily, weekly, monthly and annual performance.

Simple, beautiful reports.

“beautifully designed
ecommerce reports delivered
to your inbox”

Ever tried to create a reporting dashboard using one of those online tools? Us too! What a hack! Aside from needing to be a coding ninja with special powers to connect your reports to your ecommerce store, they're just plain useless.

We set out to fix this. We wanted to create a really useful set of ecommerce reports that could be delivered to us, via email, with the most important and metrics we needed. Introducing Squiz Reports, beautifully designed, really useful, ecommerce reports delivered direct to your inbox daily.

Setup your reports, choose who should receive them and you're set. You'll receive a Squiz report each day detailing your e-commerce stores performance for the previous day. You'll get comparative metrics to understand, at a glance, exactly how your store is performing. It's genius really.


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